How much to Lease a Horse

A general rule of thumb for calculating horse lease fees.

Leasing a horse for your child is an option you should consider!

Insight into leasing a horse vs. buying a horse for your child. It’s a very viable and financially prudent option to consider.

Donating Your Horse ~ IRS Form 8283

When donating your horse, what you should know about IRS Form 8283.

Equine Life Insurance Policy

Equine Life Insurance Policy and what it covers.

Equine Insurance Medical Options

Equine Medical options that can be added to Mortality Policies

Neat Trick to Give Dogs Pills

Very easy trick to give dogs pills when peanut butter, cream cheese, steak, blowing in their nose, etc...doesn’t work.

Put The Sales Price and Commission In Your Bill of Sale

A brief tip on using a Bill of Sale when buying a Horse and putting in the price and commissions paid.

Request your Warmbloods Passport in the BOS

A tip to receiving your Warmbloods Passport from the Seller when you purchase your horse.

Keeping a Horse from Flipping it’s Feed Bucket

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