I can’t speak more highly of Bridget Brandon and have already recommended her to others requiring horse appraisals. Her attention to detail and her customer focus are second-to-none. I felt her evaluation was both thorough and accurate, and she exuded professionalism at court

Carlene J. Meeks

After much contemplation  I decided to donate my daughters horse. I went back and forth deciding whether to donate her to a therapy barn or to sell her outright. I ended up googling and came across a few companies that appraised ponies. I called a few of them with no avail. Bridget answered on the first phone call even though she was in the middle of dealing with other work related issues. She spent quite a few minutes on the phone with me and answered every question and text message. She was thorough and precise. I feel like she took into consideration everything and appraised my horse fairly and accurately. I would highly recommend using VALUE MY HORSE LLC for all of your horse related needs.

Vicki McGrath

After working with trainers on three previous purchases to only have all three purchases be failures, I decided to search on the internet for a buyers advocate.  Bridget was a godsend.  The current trainer I was working with was pushing me to spend six figures on a horse from a BNT barn, and I felt rushed.  Bridget alerted me to some issues that I was not even aware of when I explained my situation to her.  She made a suggestion on what to say to the trainer and how to approach the purchase.  If it was legitimate it should go one way, and if it was not, it would go another.  Sure enough, it was not legitimate.  She saved me thousands of dollars and another heartbreak.  She is not a broker, but with her direction and education on how to locate a legitimate horse, I found a wonderful hunter at a fraction of the money that suits my needs perfectly.


Being inexperienced in horse purchasing it was easy to find myself in an uncomfortable situation. It was then I chanced upon Bridget Brandon! She was a blessing! Her compassion and understanding in explaining to me all of the possible scenarios led us to the ideal solution. Thank you Bridget!

Gary Korlin
 Equine Enthusiast

Bridget was able to guide me through the negotiation process in order to save me a ton of money. She is honest, knowledgeable and I highly recommend working with her!

Shaina S.

When my daughter started riding years ago, I never imagined her pursuing it so passionately and for college. My husband and I are not knowledgeable in this sport or industry, but nonetheless, we supported her in the pursuit. With the transition to new state and trainer, we thought we had her planned until the college. However, our trainer started pressuring us into a buying her horse. Bridget was essential resource to identify the value of the horse and help us navigate this path. This included identifying the value of the horse, how to shop for a horse, options on buying versus leasing prior to college, and recommending potential new barns and trainers. Her insight has saved my daughter's college money and set her up for success in her senior year. I highly recommend her services and plan to seek her advice in the future.

Carrie A. Kauffman

The American Society of Equine Appraisers in Twin Falls, Idaho recommended Bridget Brandon to prepare an appraisal of my Brandenburg warmblood horse.  Bridget determined the purpose for which I needed the appraisal. It quickly became apparent that she was a good horsewoman as well as a caring and decent human being. She was extremely thorough in her examination of my horse, which included an in-depth investigation of his USEF record, pedigree and physical condition.  She was careful to base her appraisal on comparable sales.   When the appraisal was complete, I felt confident that Bridget had arrived at a well justified opinion of his value which would hold up under any scrutiny. 

In the process of the appraisal, Bridget and I discussed the type and level of insurance I was maintaining on my horses.  She counselled me about appropriate ways to cover medical needs for my horses and help my budget!  I am very grateful to have met Bridget Brandon and to have become familiar with all the services ValueMyHorse LLC offers.  She is very competent both as an equine appraiser and insurer.  I would recommend her to anyone who asked.

Rita Junker
 - Law offices of Rita Junker

I used to board my mare with Bridget and I can tell you she is one of the most knowledgeable people I've ever met in the horse field! She is very organized and knows how to run a barn efficiently and effectively. I've also consulted with Bridget on stallions when it came time to breed my mare. Bridget is the reason why I have a fabulous homebred Eventer that is unstoppable! I would trust her with anything horse related or otherwise and will definitely use her expertise as an Equine Appraisers.

Marta Marks
 - Eventer

I had considered buying a couple of horses for hunting and occasional ranch work for the past 5 years, but knew I needed assistance in locating the appropriate horses as well as guidance through the buying process.  With Ms. Brandon’s astute eye and expertise in the equine industry, she walked me through the process and we narrowed down my purchase to two horses that met my needs perfectly. 

Additionally, I consulted with Ms. Brandon on a design and set-up of appropriate holding facilities at my hunting lodge for my horses during the hunting season.  As an extra perk, Ms. Brandon had some awesome redecorating ideas for my hunting lodge! I find Ms. Brandon to be refreshingly honest, very cost conscious and a strategic thinker for both my short and long-term needs.  Not only will I use her services again, I will recommend her to others wanting to get involved in horses for pleasure or business.

Greg Morse
 - CEO, Worthington Bank

Ms. Brandon was retained as an expert witness for a very high-profile client of mine with respect to equine expenses, values and showing. She was at all times professional, thorough and added tremendous value to the case by going beyond what was asked of her and providing information critical to settling the case.

Ms. Brandon's professional skills are excellent and she is an articulate writer and speaker. I highly recommend her. She was instrumental in achieving a very favorable settlement for my client.

Erika N. Wyatt
 - Partner at Schillar DuCanto & Fleck LLP

Bridget Brandon and ValueMyHorse LLC is a joy to work with from start to finish. She is competent, thorough and did a proper appraisal to increase my horse's insured value based on his recent accomplishments at shows. She not only looked at the information I provided to her, but also researched my horse's bloodlines. I will absolutely use her again for future appraisals.

Devon O’Leary
 - Dressage Rider

I’ve boarded my filly at Bridget Brandon’s farm for the last three years and couldn’t be happier with the care and attention she receives. I travel often and am not able to come out as much as I would like and she keeps me updated with photos and text updates on how she is doing. I love that I don’t feel like I need to worry about her when I’m traveling as Bridget treats her as if she is one of her own. My filly has lots of room to run and play and the farm is kept up beautifully. When the weather gets severe I know she will get the extra attention she needs. Bridget is on top of her care and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to keep my horse at her farm!

Aruna Thiruvengadam
 - DFW Tack Exchange
 - Equus Studio

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